30 Second Smile - Standard Soft (4 Pack) Dual Brush Replacement Heads for Electric Toothbrush...

  • SIMULTANEOUS BRUSHING OF 6 SURFACES OF THE TEETH AND GUMS: The unique bristle arrangement of the 30 Second Smile electric toothbrush powers away plaque by brushing 6 surfaces simultaneously, giving users a clean, comprehensive brushing in 30 seconds vs. 2 to 3 minutes with other electric toothbrushes; in fact, 30SS toothbrushes are the only electric toothbrushes clinically proven to prevent gingivitis in less than the average 38-second brush time
  • DENTIST-RECOMMENDED BASS BRUSHING FOR A SUPERIOR BRUSH: The 30 Second Smile electric toothbrush is ergonomically designed to precisely execute the dentist-recommended BASS brushing technique to facilitate highly effective and comfortable brushing for fresher breath, whiter teeth and better check-ups; tested and refined in numerous dental studies, the BASS brushing technique is the optimal brushing technique for both children and adults
  • THE ORIGINAL MULTI-HEADED POWER TOOTHBRUSH: The next generation of electric toothbrushes is here; the 30 Second Smile electric toothbrush is the industry’s first multi-headed power toothbrush, enabling users to brush both rows of teeth simultaneously, all while gently scrubbing 6 surfaces of the teeth and gums for a comprehensive clean in the shortest amount of time possible
  • COMFORTABLE, COMPREHENISVE BRUSHING: The revolutionary 30 Second Smile electric toothbrush is designed to optimize comfort and brushing performance in every aspect imaginable; multiple brush heads ensure that all surfaces of the gums and teeth are scrubbed in the shortest amount of time possible, while a host of ergonomic design features and customizable bristle options ensure comfort for kids and adults
  • UNPARALLELED PLAQUE REMOVAL IN JUST 30 SECONDS: With an industry-first multi-head brush design and 15 issued patents, the revolutionary 30 Second Smile brush is designed to power away plaque like no other electric toothbrush; two sets of dual brush heads surround teeth and gums to clean all surfaces on both the top and bottom rows of teeth simultaneously, improving gingival health in just 30 seconds

30 Second Smile has that surround your teeth in soft bristles. Our unique double-sided brush head cleaning function brushes inside, outside, chewing surfaces, plus hard to reach areas. Brush Heads swivel or ‘float’ on their anchoring pins, further reducing any chance of improper technique.

Smart bristles length variance ensures half of the bristles are on the teeth and half on gums and positioned at 45 degrees. The shorter bristles that contact tooth surfaces ensure plaque and stain removal, while longer bristles are more pliable and softer for positioning on gums for a gentle massage. The effective brushing action of 30SS will remove the bacterial plaque bio-film and remove stain.

That’s why brushing only 30 seconds is like brushing 2 to 3 minutes with a single-headed toothbrush. And, its patented “”can’t make a mistake”” design automatically positions the bristles at the perfect 45-degree angle for powering away dangerous plaque, massaging gums, and helping save your teeth. You will be on your way to healthy pink gums. It insures healthy gums and sparkling clean teeth and fresher breath.

Bristles on all 30 Second Smile brush Heads are softer that any soft bristle brush on the market. Each pack includes two brush heads and should last for 90 days of twice-a-day brushing. All brush heads fit on all 30 Second Smile power handles.

The Standard Soft Brush Head has blue bristles that deliver a great cleaning while remaining gentle for those users who do not have sensitive teeth/gums. Adults with shorter teeth and average oral health can begin with these brush heads.

30 Second Smile – Standard Soft (4 Pack) Dual Brush Replacement Heads for Electric Toothbrush… Review

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