DHKEJI Silicone Electric Toothbrush,Silicone Soft Bristles and Design for Sensitive Teeth Protect Gums for Kids...

  • 【5 Brushing Intensities & USB Charging】Silicone electric toothbrush has 5 intensities for you to suit different needs. You can adjust the appropriate vibration intensity by pressing “+” “-“. The silicone electric toothbrush uses USB charging which is portable and convenient for use at home or traveling.
  • 【Soft & Micro Vibration Technology】The soft silicone and micro-vibration technology is moderate on the gums. After brushing, can use the contact points behind the bristles to massage the gums to make it more healthy as well as protect the young fragile gums.
  • 【Silicone Material & 2 Replacement Heads】Compared with nylon bristles, silicone bristles are softer and can reduce the uncomfortable conditions of sensitive teeth during brushing and reduce gum bleeding.Using this material can inhibit the breeding of bacteria to some extent; Each replacement head is individually packaged for more hygienic and healthier.
  • 【Automatic timing & IPX7 Waterproof】After using 15 minutes the silicone electric toothbrush will automatically shut down. IPX7 Waterproof supports the body machine cleaning under the faucet.
  • 【3 Months Warranty】The Silicone Electric Toothbrush warranty period of this electric toothbrush is 3 months. If you have any problem please feel free to contact us.

Color:Rose Red

How To Replace The Toothbrush Head?

When replacing the brush head, do not twist the brush head and toothbrush handle, just pull out the brush head directly.
When replacing the brush head, it’s necessary to ensure the brush head and the toothbrush handle no distortion.


– The first time use, the power toothbrush should be fully charged. When it’s charging, the indicator light will always flash.
When the battery is fully charged, the indicator’s light is on always, it may take about 2-4 hours.

– When the battery is low, the indicator flashes to alert the user to charge.
Do not use it when you are charging, and the charging time shall not be more than 24 hours.
Be sure to confirm the electric toothbrush and charger port are water-free before each charging.


– People who have severe periodontal disease or oral surgery should consult a doctor before use.
– If the user is a infants, kid and those unable people, the person in charge must supervise and guidance them please.
– If you find blood on the surface of the electric toothbrush, please wash it in time. If you have any discomfort,
please stop using it immediately and consult your physician.
– Fresh users may experience a tickling/tingling sensation but normally get used to it within 2 weeks.

Packing List:
1 x Electric Toothbrush Handle
2 x Replacement Brush Heads
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

DHKEJI Silicone Electric Toothbrush,Silicone Soft Bristles and Design for Sensitive Teeth Protect Gums for Kids… Review
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