Electric Toothbrush,EYROS Rechargeable Electric Sonic ToothbrushSensitive Dental Care Efficient Clean...

  • Eyros E700 is a sonic toothbrush for a complete care for teeth and gum
  • EFFICIENT : Remove 10 times more the dental plaque than other toothbrush, Improve significatively oral health in just 2 weeks
  • 5 MODES:C: « Clean» W:« Whiten»,R : « Relieve»,M: « Massage» ,P: « Power»
  • SECURE: Toothbrush IPX7 waterproof; FDA Compliance
  • OPTIMAL: Up to 4 weeks autonomy, 12 month warranty replacement


5 Mode controlled by one smart button:

>C: « Clean»  actively the dental plaque
>W:« Whiten»   your teeth, help to keep a bright smile
>R : « Relieve» teeth and gums ,soft sensation, effective results
>M: « Massage» gums and teeth , make your teeth and gum stronger as it stimulate the blood circulation in your gums.
>P:  : « Power» Clean intensively your teeth, an optimal result for descaling (41000 strokes/minutes)

This toothbrush is especially designed for sensitive gum and teeth.

Resulting from a German patented technology, the device is build to make the toothbrush head oscillates between 31,000-40,000 beats per minute on 5 high frequency vibration modes.

For effective results, we recommend to use the electric brush twice a day, as recommand by dentists.

We have incorporated a 2-minutes intelligent timer per brushing, a signal every 30 seconds indicates a change of dental zone (see instructions).

For first use, it is recommended to charge it 18H, in its glass, on its charger by wireless induction.

The battery life can last up to 30 days, depending on use.

Color: White Mode: C Clean, W White , R Relieve ,M Massage , P Power

Battery :Lithium-ion

Packaging Dimensions 29 * 28 * 240 mm

Tension 110V ~ 240V Power: 1,5 W ± 0,25 W

Amperage: 100mA ~ 400mA

Material: ABS TPE PA

Contents: 1 x Wall USB adapter +1 wireless charger base with USB port+1 glass +1sonic toothbrush handle + 3x toothbrush head with hygienic cover.

Keep your toothbrush away from dust.

Replace the hygienics cap the toothbrush head after each use.

Electric Toothbrush,EYROS Rechargeable Electric Sonic ToothbrushSensitive Dental Care Efficient Clean… Review
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