MD Brush (2), It’s How Dentists Brush. Revolutionary 45˚ Deep Clean Precision Toothbrush- ADA Bass...

  • ✔ REVOLUTIONARY TOOTHBRUSH- PROMOTES 45 DEGREE ALIGNMENT TO REMOVE UP TO 99.9% OF PLAQUE IN HARD TO REACH AREAS. This is the quality toothbrush you’ve been looking for. The MD Brush improves the mechanics of brushing by helping you THINK and BRUSH like a Dentist – 45 degrees into the gum line utilizing the BASS METHOD as endorsed by the American Dental Association as the most effective way to brush. Breaks the cycle of poor brushing technique. Designed by Dentist and Hygienist.
  • ✔ ERGONOMIC 45 DEGREE OFF-SET HANDLE, AND ULTRA SOFT FLOSS TIP BRISTLES MAKE THIS A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE YET COMFORTABLE TOOTHBRUSH. The MD Brush has 3 patents and is unlike any brush you will ever use. Read the Amazon reviews and watch the YouTube videos to see what people are saying about this amazing brush. In a recent study the MD Brush was preferred by 8 of 10 Dental Professional. The MD Brush helps you become a better brush’er by improving your brushing technique.
  • ✔ IMPROVE YOUR GUM HEALTH, REDUCE GINGIVITIS AND ACHIEVE OPTIMAL ORAL HEALTH IN AS LITTLE AS 3 WEEKS. Have you ever been diagnosed with poor dental hygiene, bleeding gums, or bad breath? The MD Brush is going to change the way you THINK about brushing by ensuring you consider angles and position, focusing on the area just below the gum line where gum disease starts. Most people brush on Autopilot without considering what they are actually doing, The MD Brush will change this.
  • ✔ GET MAXIMUM VALUE WITH OUR TWO PACK OF MD BRUSHES. Retail stores typically sell this brush for 12 or more depending on the location, but you can get your discounted game changing toothbrush to whiten teeth, remove stain and odor causing germs for less than a venti soy mocha latte. Your MD Brush will last between 3-4 months and works well with regular tooth paste and activated charcoal paste or gels.
  • DESIGNED COLLABORATIVELY BY DENTIST AND DENTAL HYGIENIST TO ADDRESS THE MOST COMMON ERRORS ASSOCIATED WITH TOOTH BRUSHING. The MD Brush has been featured on NPR three different times and maintains an extremely high re-order percentage. Read the reviews and see for yourself why the MD Brush is destined to be the next big thing in acheiving optimal oral health.

MD Brush (2), It’s How Dentists Brush. Revolutionary 45˚ Deep Clean Precision Toothbrush- ADA Bass… Review

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