Meridol Toothbrush, Soft (PACK OF 6)

  • Designed especially for people with gum problems
  • The meridolĀ® toothbrush has conical filaments with microfine ends to protect the gums and to clean teeth thoroughly at the same time, especially at the gingival margins
  • Efficient plaque removal even at the gingival margin
  • Effective protection against gingival inflammation
  • Particularly suitable for gingivitis and periodontitis patients.Controlled handling due to the ergonomically wellshaped handle

The conical shape creates a very high level of flexibility in the extremely thin and soft filament ends causing them to bend back even at slightest pressures. Still the lower filament parts deliver sufficient stiffness in order to exert a thorough mechanical cleaning.

Meridol Toothbrush, Soft (PACK OF 6) Review
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