RADIUS Source Recycled Handle Toothbrush, Super Soft Bristles, Assorted Colors, Colors May Vary (Pack of 3)

  • Slimmer tips provide deeper gum line penetration and wide, fanned bristles, with unbreakable “Slim Neck” for best reach in tigh spaces, help invigorate gum tissue for reduced chances of bleeding/receding gums and enamel erosion.
  • Upcycled #5 handle and vegetable-based bristles reduce dependency on fossil fuels/petroleum. Replacing the head saves 93% of the material wasted in ordinary toothbrushes.
  • The re-usable handle is made from 93% recycled plastic & natural fibers of wood, paper or money for beautiful, natural look and feel. The reversible ergonomic handle makes it comfortable for both right/left hand brushing. After 3 months, replace the head, but keep the handle! Additional Replacement Heads can be purchased in 2 count packs online in SuperSoft, Soft or Medium.
  • Reversible right and left hand designed for ergonomic brushing to help reduce pressure on teeth and gums
  • RADIUS Source Toothbrush is 50% Petroleum Free, BPA Free, Latex Free, Gluten Free, Phthalates Free. Bristles made from 100% Vegetable oil. Includes 3 toothbrushes available in one of a kind materials of Wood, Paper and Money for beautiful natural look and feel.

Size:3 count  |  Color:Super Soft

Cleaning your mouth and our Environment at the same time. The idea is pretty simple. if you make a quality product, it will last longer and people won’t need to throw it away. Our products are made to last which means they are being used longer and not filling up the landfills while still providing you with the excellence you have come to expect from RADIUS. The Source Toothbrush reduces waste by 93% with its re-usable handle. The Source Toothbrush provides an all-over-mouth clean that leaves you feeling like you just went to the dentist. With 5000 premium bristles (200% more than an ordinary toothbrush), the super soft, wide head of fanned-out bristles helps improve gum health by massaging sensitive gums while brushing. Healthy gums help reduce the risk of heart disease. Ordinary toothbrushes are typically too hard and too small to massage the gums. The head and neck of the Source was designed to be smaller than other RADIUS toothbrushes in order to target smaller, tighter mouths and brushing styles. The ergonomic handle ensures a relaxed grip that reduces pressure on the teeth and sensitive gum tissue, helping to protect the gum line, reduce receding and bleeding gums and enamel erosion. The reversible handle means comfort for both right and left handed brushers. Available in various materials like Recycled Wood, Paper and Money. Bristles are 100% Vegetable Based Nylon for a petroleum free option. Product is BPA Free, Latex Free and Phthalates Free. RADIUS is the only American Dental Association recommended natural toothbrush brand in the USA. Top 2 Reasons to buy from recent RADIUS Customer Survey are “Enjoyable Brushing Experience” and “Superior Clean.” Our products are made low-energy machines. We operate in a women-owned, family-run and operated solar-powered facility in Pennsylvania. Our sustainable manufacturing process allows to reduce the amount of waste that we create. What little waste we do create is then recycled and reused to make new products. Each product is inspected by hand and designed to last. Made in USA.

RADIUS Source Recycled Handle Toothbrush, Super Soft Bristles, Assorted Colors, Colors May Vary (Pack of 3) Review
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