Surround® Toothbrush (Pack of 4)

  • 3-bristle pads at different angles clean all surfaces of the teeth at once, saving time and making easier work of necessary dental care.
  • A perfect choice for anyone who wants a thorough brushing for healthy teeth; ideal for parents and professionals who provide oral hygiene to people with autism or other special needs.
  • Entire head and handle are covered with a non-slip cushion grip, and the handle is longer to keep fingers safe.
  • Has soft end-rounded real bristles and heart-shaped compact head. Comes with a reusable cover.
  • Latex-free and BPA-Free. FOR AGES 6 AND UP.

The Surround® Toothbrush has a unique 3-bristle pad design to clean all surfaces of the teeth at the same time. For people who may not brush as long as they should, more tooth surface is cleaned with each stroke. THIS TOOTHBRUSH IS APPROPRIATE FOR AGES 6 THROUGH ADULT.

Surround® Toothbrush (Pack of 4) Review

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