TDH Intelligent Waterproof Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush, Five Clean Modes, 37000-Times/Minute...

  • 1. Higher Capacity Rechargeable Toothbrush and Save space: One full charge with 6 hours can last up to 100 days , also without charging base to occupy storage space, ideal gift for travel.
  • 2. Better Powerful electric toothbrush: with up to 37,200VPM brush strokes per minute and soft bristles, remove up to 200% plaques more than a manual toothbrush.
  • 3. Superior Dental Hygiene 5 Modes: ①Clean mode, with toothpaste clean mouth. ②Rinse mouth mode, clean mouth foam. ③Whitening mode, bright white teeth. ④Gum care mode, massage gums. ⑤Sensitive mode, the intensity of the toothbrush vibration decreases
  • 4. TDH Electric toothbrushes can reduce your oral and decayed tooth problems, offer you a deep clean for teeth.
  • 5. Advance Waterproof Design: This product is waterproof, fully support the body machine wash.

Sonic Vibration

An intelligent sonic vibration as high as 37200 times/minute form asuperfine foam scour flow. Compared to manual toothbrush with operating about 200-times/minute, the cleaning efficiency enhances 186 times.

The vibration frequency of sonic electrictoothbrush lies in sound wave frequency band, so it is called sonic toothbrush.The vibration frequency of sonic electric toothbrush is far more higher than thatof electric toothbrush.

Food grade brush head
Brush head is made up by food grade PPmaterial from the U.S. Exxon Mobil, which ensures safe and harmless.

Brush: Selected and combined 0.12mm~0.15mm brushfrom DuPont USA, to create your intimate toothbrush.

Five Modes

Cleaning: cleaning the tooth with toothpaste

Rinsing: cleaning the tooth andrinsing the foam

Whitening: making the teethbright and white

Caring: massaging and caringthe gums

Sensitive: cleaning the tooth ina gentle way

Transition mode

One short press of thePower/Mode button will trig “Cleaning” mode, more short press in 3seconds will switch among different working modes, the indicator will highlightthe selected mode.

About Charger:

Full charge in 6 hours, operating for up to 100 days, only 4 times charge in a year.

Compatible with mobile USB charger.

Mute design

Operating noise is 32 dB.

How to Use?

One short press after 3seconds will switch off the toothbrush.

After working for 2 minutes,the brush will switch off automatically.

Package List:

1* sonic electric brushhandle

1* USB charging line

2* general-purpose brush head

1* user manual

TDH Intelligent Waterproof Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush, Five Clean Modes, 37000-Times/Minute… Review
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