Travel electric toothbrush 360 Rolling 4 Brush Heads and IP7 Waterproof Travel Package

  • BRUSH YOUR TEETH BY ROLLING:If the rolling method is used, the friction force is smaller to effectively protect your gingiva and teeth, clean your coated tongue and improve the regeneration of your gingiva, which is especially suitable for children who begin to learn how to brush their teeth;
  • MORE FINER BRUSHING BRISTLES:The diameter of the bristles is one third of conventional ones, but the quantity of such bristles is 20 times that of conventional ones so as to effectively clean each place, which is especially suitable for users with tooth socket;
  • MADE OF FOOD-GRADE MATERIALS:G-teeth roller electric toothbrush is made of imported food grade materials. The brush heads are made of pure plastics so as to eliminate the metal residues in conventional toothbrushes;
  • IP7 WATERPROOFING:The unique post forming model design make the product have IP 7 waterproofing as well as durable features.
  • CONVENIENT AAA BATERY DESIGN:Generally, recharging design has certain safety hazards, AAA battery design is used for G-teeth 360° toothbrushes, which is convenient for carrying and replacement, and one battery can be used for about six months.

The groundbreaking design will bring you extraordinary dental hygiene experience!

Product parameters:
1. Vibration frequency: 18,000rpm
2. Battery: AAA alkaline battery
3. Battery life: 3-6 months
4. Ingress protection: IP 7 waterproofing

1. With groundbreaking design and rotatable brush heads that do not hurt gingiva;
2. Your teeth can be cleaned with superfine bristles and unique dot absorption;
3. Equipped with three kinds of brush heads to protect your teeth all the time;
A. Single-wheel brush head: It is suitable for uses in the morning by brushing your teeth and massaging your gingiva to start a brand new day;
B. Crevice brush: It is suitable for uses after meals; before brushing your teeth, you can use it to clean the residues in crevice, and toothpaste is not required;
C. Dandelion brush head: It is suitable for uses before sleeping at night, and the 360°
brushing bristles can completely clean your oral cavity;

Travel electric toothbrush 360 Rolling 4 Brush Heads and IP7 Waterproof Travel Package Review
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