Nimbus® Microfine® Toothbrush - COMPACT size, Pkg. of 10

  • Nimbus Microfine toothbrush, COMPACT size head, extra soft
  • The Nimbus® Microfine® was created by a periodontist to provide the optimal safety for gums and tooth surfaces, while providing effective and efficient plaque removal. The “Do No Harm” principle is built into the design of every toothbrush
  • Nimbus is the perfect brush for: Receding gums and sensitive, Preventing damage from toothbrush trama, Protecting healthy smiles.
  • The Nimbus® Microfine® is an innovative toothbrush designed for people who want more controlled softness while getting the benefits of complete and gentle plaque removal
  • When a toothbrush is so comfortable that you can’t wait to brush – that’s a great toothbrush!

The Nimbus® Microfine® has two states of soft bristles: long-tapered extra fine bristles to reach into those critical areas with the required softness and effectiveness – coupled with shorter, fine support bristles to enhance optimum plaque removal. Microfine® toothbrushes use a multi-tufted, soft bristle technology mounted on a comfort-engineered handle. Long tapered and short end rounded extra-fine, flexible bristles clean the hard to reach places; gently and effectively. The Nimbus Microfine has been tested and evaluated by dental professionals. The result is the best brush you or your patients will ever use. 10 individually wrapped toothbrushes comes in assorted colors, in blue, green, yellow, red and lavender. Nimbus® is a registered trademark of Periscope Enterprises, Inc.

Nimbus® Microfine® Toothbrush – COMPACT size, Pkg. of 10 “Colors Vary” Review

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