SAMOCARE Electrical Toothbrush Magnetic Suspension Motor 2 Minute Timer IPX7 Waterproof...

  • IPX7 Waterproof allows you to use the toothbrush when showering
  • Easy to read charge-level indicator lights: Red means charging; Green means fully charged.
  • Proper care provides long-lasting battery life. Charge for 24 hours if this is your first time using the product. Subsequent charges may take 16 hours. Fully charged battery can last 40 days (4 minutes/ day brushing time.) Two minutes intelligent auto-timer and 30 seconds interval timer ensure more consistent and thorough cleaning based on dentist’s recommendation.
  • High Vibration Frequency (31000 Times/Min) provides powerful cleaning ability and effectively cleans hard to reach places.
  • Five different modes (Clean,Sensitive,Massage,White, Polish) offer different ways to clean teeth and provide customized brushing features to best suit specific needs.


Brand Name: Sarmocare
Model type:S100
Age Group: Adult
Use: Home
Waterproof Rate:IPX7
Modes:5 Cleaning Modes(Clean,Sensitive,Massage,White,Polish)

1.Bristle Material: Dupont Nylon Bristles,PP K1011
2.Handle Material: ABS HI-121
3.Shaft:303 SS
Motor:Magnetic suspension motor
World wild Voltage:AC110-240v
Battery:Lithium battery, 3.7V,1.8W,  800mAh
Charge:Wireless inductive charging
Charging Time:6 hours
Vibrational Frequencies:31000 times per minute
Net weight:240g
Packaging Size:8.97in*5.9in*1.92in
Use Time: 2 min. Intelligent auto-timer, 
     30 seconds  interval timer guide
Warranty: 1 year

Package includes
1* Electric Toothbrush Body
2* Electric Toothbrush Heads
1*Travel Case
1*Wireless Charging Port
1* Instruction Manual

Turn the toothbrush on only after the toothbrush is placed in your mouth to prevent toothpaste splattering.
Gently hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle towards the gum line, let the toothbrush do the brushing for you. Move the brush head in small back and forth motion to maximize effectiveness.
To maximize the lifespan of the rechargeable battery inside your toothbrush, wait until the battery is run down before recharging it. Don’t overcharge the battery.
Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for two minutes to get the most thorough cleaning and replace toothbrush head at least every 3 months.

SAMOCARE Electrical Toothbrush Magnetic Suspension Motor 2 Minute Timer IPX7 Waterproof… Review
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